Looking for beautiful miniature English Enamel Boxes?
Artist Enameller Mark D Morris can help turn your idea into a unique keepsake box.

Mark creates each box true to the Georgian craft of enamelling onto copper. Starting from sheet copper, a box is first formed into shape, then enamelled to a glossy finish. An original miniature painting is skillfully fused into the box, usually on the lid, requiring upto a dozen firings. The painting can be of any subject, for example, a house, yacht, car, a family pet or even a portrait.

Mark has completed commissions that were gifts for famous people including: Princess Diana, Queen Noor of Jordon, Elton John and Nick Faldo after his third win at the US Masters.

Enamels are prized by collectors all over the world. A painting in enamel will never fade with time.

MDMorris, Buxton, Derbyshire, United Kingdom, Phone: +44(0)1298 214160. .

Reproduction of the Countess Golovine by Élisabeth Vigée-Le Brun


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