Colour Strip Necklace

Some time ago Mark made some colour test strips of the enamel range from Milton Bridge (see Enamel Colour Test blog post). His wife was quite taken with these and wore one with a choker necklace. Since then he's given some away as presents. Here are some photos of, repectively, Peridot Green, Dusty Rose and Cobalt Blue transparent enamel strips mounted onto a silver choker necklace:


Peridot Green NecklaceTransparent Rose Enamel NecklaceCobalt Blue Necklace


They're nice and simple but very effective especially with the way they catch the light.

Here are all the enamel colour strips together. The photo is in high resolution so you can see all of the colour's names and codes if you view the photograph in large ('Ctrl' and '+' together on the keyboard, or, right click and view image):


Enamel Colour Strips


If you'd like one too then Mark will be happy to make one for you. Also its easy to swap the colours so there are options below just to buy the colour strips on their own. At the moment the shopping cart is only set up for the transparent colours but Mark is very happy to do the opaque ones too, just contact Mark.

The transparent colour strips are on fine silver base metal with a shape of pure gold foil underneath the enamel. A little ring is included that goes through the hole so the strip can be hung from the necklace.

Currently the choker is outsourced, it's made from 1.25mm thick sterling silver wire and is 40cm (16") in diameter.

To checkout, go to the top right-hand menu item. If you have any problem with the shopping cart then please contact Mark.

£ 50.00

Extra Colour Strips
£ 35.00

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